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Information system for Microsoft Outlook eWay-CRM is a professional information system embedded into Microsoft Outlook that will allow you to control your business activities. It is designed for companies that want to manage their sales leads and projects more efficiently. Here are some key features of eWay-CRM:

Sales leads under control:
* Real time information about current sales leads and opportunities (who is working on them, their status).
* Client communication history input into the client contact section (not left only in minds of employees).
* Quotations, orders, and other important documents always on hand. The system can even request them itself.
* Reminders for all important tasks and events.

Systematic management of projects and sales leads:
* Easy workflow definition. This tool allows management to define a specific project template for employees to follow and tracks all the key project phases.
* Project journal in just a few clicks. You can easily read all news and step into the project.
* Financial aspects of the project always on hand. We can integrate eWay-CRM with your accounting software and your sales managers will have information about overdue invoices or client turnover right on the customer detail page.
* You no longer need to search for documentation in shared folders. It is on the project details page!

Reporting - my daily feedback:
* Customer turnover and profitability.
* Sales manager efficiency.
* Project summaries.
* Project profitability for the last 12 months.
* Work reports of all staff, etc.

Amazing integration with Microsoft Outlook:
* A single workspace/application - e-mails, business cases, and projects all in one application.
* No need to constantly switch between applications or even rewrite data from one application to another.
* Due to a similar user interface users do not recognize the difference between Microsoft Outlook
Windows XP, Windows Vista
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